Twitter Ads

Twitter is a unique advertising platform. If compared to other networks like Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter offers a whole new world of features. One of the best things about Twitter is that you have to pay when you have accomplished the objective of marketing. It can be anything from increasing engagement or getting website conversions. You pay when action is taken by people. In simpler words, on running a successful ad campaign, you would be only having to pay for the successful number of your app installations. Similar is the case with the follower campaign. So, in case your main motive of running any ads is to get leads, then Twitter can be your best friend.

1. Keyword Targeting Is Easier: Unlike Facebook which offers topic targeting, Twitter offers to target using keywords. It gives you more specific options to target only interested people in your posts and campaigns.

2. Remarketing Engaged Users: Another gem of Twitter advertising is remarketing those who have engaged with your tweet or have just seen it. With the help of Twitter Engager Targeting, you can find your most engaged users.

3. Reaching Tailored Audiences: Twitter helps to keep that stumbling block aside and target all those Twitter users who follow specific accounts. Yes, you can create a list of every targeted follower and create your personalized audience list. The list of perks of advertising on Twitter would seem incomplete without talking about the monetary benefits. Cost per click is also lesser on this platform as compared to other ones. Due to the lack of competition on Twitter, the auction-based prices are low. (FansGain doesn’t deny the fact that any other platform is not useful for advertisers. They are powerful enough to convert brand affinity into valuable sales and leads.)

Role Of FansGain In Twitter Advertising

Do you want to reach your brand goals with the help of Twitter ads? FansGain is here to make it possible for you. We perform all types of Twitter ads like promoted tweets, promoted accounts, promoted trends, automated ads. You can make your social media marketing strategy far-sighted and valuable by rightly advertising on Twitter with us. Our team of highly-qualified and experienced social media strategists knows how to optimize every single spent to increase your business. From using the right Twitter cards, hashtags to experimenting with multiple tweets per campaign, we are master in all. We create our hashtags and make them trending. Offering the best deal using fitting call-to-actions is our strength.

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