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Why Hire Social Media Manager via Fansgain Agency ?

Fansgain is your one-stop solution that will cater to all your requirements which includes Brand Awareness, Pulling Potential Clients, Leads Generation, Conversions and would help to enhance your social media presence in India as well as globally.

Our Social Media Account Managers are very passionate about connecting with present and future customers (Prospects) by building and engaging them on daily basis through identifying target customers and then evolving brand awareness techniques through social media marketing Platforms.

Reasons to Hire Social Media Manager for Small & Medium Size Businesses

  • “It has been proven that 98% the customers are active on social platforms like Facebook”Social Media Manager is integral Part of Marketing & Sales Team.

    Do you still believe that hiring a Marketing team to promote your Business through conservative marketing activities will yield desired results in terms of revenue or profitability?Well gone are the days most of the Industries are now shifting towards social media Networks to reach its potential customers.
  • “Studies have also shown that conversions through leads generated from social media are much higher than conventional marketing activities.”

    Social Media Management & Marketing = Better Business ROIIt has been proven that 98% the customers are active on social platforms like Facebook, TwitterInstagram, and Pinterest. Great marketing on social media can bring incredible success to your business, creating ardent brand promoters and also generating leads and better conversions.
  • “So whether you want an Eye-catching Image to be prepared for your social media or posting inspirational content and shifting complaints offline you got to have a specialist for the same.”Social Media Managers / Experts Specialize in Getting the Word of Mouth (WoM) to Promote Your business Online.

    Having said that a Social Media marketing campaign requires individualized and experienced attention every single day and for that, you require a well-trained and devoted resource that can handle these campaigns well and give the desired results.

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FAQs to Hire Social Media Experts for Your Business

How does our Company work for you?

The first step we take is to understand what you want out of your efforts on social media.
We set realistic goals which are attainable, we do not believe in complicating a social media   presence strategy.
We help in understanding your target customers (Age groups, gender and time during which the traffic is high) and which social medium they are most active in.
We help in establishing your important Metrics like Reach, Clicks, Engagement and Hashtag performances.
We help to Build and Compile engaging social media content

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