Remarketing Ads

It is a way to remind those audiences about your brand who have previously interacted with you. Remarketing is a way to position your ads in front of those people on various online platforms like Google and their other partner websites. So, with the help of remarketing ads, a business can increase brand awareness and try to get stuck in a user’s mind.

Want to increase registrations, or driver ore sales or want to boost awareness of your brand, then you must try remarketing ads. By adding this very important component of advertising in the list of your campaigns, you can get very close to achieving your business goals.

Why Remarketing Ads From FansGain?

Well-Timed Targeting: Our skilled team of advertising pro knows when to show your ads to your past customers. We reach them promptly and target them when they are actively searching for your business.

Quality ad creation: Video sense and quality are all that matters in this competitive world. We have experts to create beautiful and high-performing text, video ads, images across all your services and products . Quality is what we are known for.

Focused Advertising: If you want to target some specific cases of old customers like you have added your products in their cart but have not completed the transaction, we have a way out for that too. We create a remarketing list for such people and strategize accordingly.

Work Transparency: We provide campaign statistics to our customers. We believe they should know how well their ads are performing. Moreover, it also gives a clear picture of the expenses they are paying.

Large-Scale Reach: Reaching a group of people across all their devices has been made easy at FansGain. We target them when they are browsing over billions of websites and applications over the internet and try to bring them back to your business.

What All We Do At FansGain?

Standard remarketing, customer list remarketing, dynamic remarketing, remarketing lists for search ads- we do them all.

Standard Remarketing: Showing ads to your previous customers when they are browsing websites and applications on Google.

Customer List Remarketing: Showing them ads when they sign into Google by using the contact information they have provided earlier.

Dynamic Remarketing: Showing them the products and services that they have earlier opted for.

Remarketing lists for search ads: These ads are shown when your past visitors leave your website and do follow-up searches on Google.