SEO Audit Services

Website Audit Report by Homosapien, not automated bot

Audit for Actionable SEO Plan for your Website. Done by experienced SEO experts. Comprehensive SEO audit is designed to create search engine domination path.

Google is gateway for Internet Users. If your business has presence on search engine like google then it’s good for your business.

Being a digital marketing agency in Delhi, we need to provide 360 degree solutions for our clients. From SEO to PPC & Branding to Lead Generation.

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Our SEO Audit Services

Importance of SEO Audit Services for your business

Our SEO Audit Features

Our SEO Audit Services Includes following Analysis in Site Audit Reports

Pages reviewed

SEO Audit Services invol

Keyword research (Up to 50 terms)

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Backlink report

On-Page SEO Checker reporting on all pages( Upto 50 WebPages)

External link acquisition strategy

In-Depth Link Audit

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Content Optimization

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Hurrah! 😃 Your Site Has Top Rank

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Our Site SEO Audit Checklist

  • 301 redirects
  • Broken links
  • Canonicalization
  • Code to text ratio
  • Crawl errors – complete list
  • Geo-location
  • Google Webmaster tools parameter exclusions
  • Google Webmaster tools preferred domain
  • HTML/CSS code review
  • HTTP status codes – home page
  • HTTP status codes – sitewide
  • Image optimization
  • Internal link structure
  • Page content
  • Remote use of .js & CSS
  • Robots.txt configuration
  • Shared IP addresses
  • Site compression configuration
  • Site load time – average
  • Site load time – home page
  • Sitemap.xml configuration
  • Sitemap.xml index rate
  • Static/dynamic URL configuration
  • Title tag optimization
  • Analytics program configuration
  • Duplicate content
  • Home page content
  • Information architecture
  • Link profile
  • Site theme and content
  • Spam/malware
  • Top keyword rankings
  • Top keyword traffic
  • Website conversion
  • Website wrapper
  • Post audit client implementation review (1 hour)
  • 200+ SMEs behind campaign driving results

Step #1: Check To See If Your Site Is Mobile-Friendly
Step #2: Make Sure Google Indexes ONE Version of Your Website
Step #3: Speed Up Your Site
Step #4: Find and Delete “Zombie Pages”
Step #5: Find and Fix Indexing Problems
Step #6: Check Your Organic Traffic
Step #7: Improve Your On-Page SEO
Step #8: Set Up Keyword Rank Tracking
Step #9: Analyze Your Backlinks
Step #10: Fix Broken Links
Step #11: Competitor Analysis
Step #12: Make Your Content 10x Better
Step #13: Optimize For UX Signals
Step #14: Flatten Your Website Architecture
Step #15: Launch a Skyscraper Post
Bonus Step #1: Get More From Your Internal Links
Bonus Step #2: Use a Site Audit Tool
Bonus Step #3: Optimize for Featured Snippets

FAQs about Search Engine Audit Services

SEO Company in Delhi NCR - FAQ about SEO Services

What is SEO

The procedure of showing up on search engine result pages organically is SEO. It is a process which contains various technical aspects like website loading speed, communicable content, visuals, using the right set of keywords on host website and guest posts etc. If you don’t want to spend much but want website traffic, then SEO is the best choice.

Why SEO is needed?

In this technology-driven and fast-paced world, online competition is boosting with every passing second. SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps to bring a business to the audience’s notice. By using effective SEO practices and methods a business can gain a top spot in Google, Bing, and other search engines in the most organic ways.

Our Affordable SEO Services in India

Global and National SEO: We envision to direct customers to your business irrespective of the geographic situations. Our strategy-oriented and experienced SEO team makes it happen. Our expertise is to generate leads that work for you and therefore, achieve your business goals for you.

ECommerce SEO: Competition in the ecommerce field is increasing exponentially. Getting a hold of it is necessary to sustain in the competitive world. Our simple yet outcome-based SEO process makes our work noticeable.

ORM: No matter whether you are a corporate enterprise, hospital, brand, or any other type of business, maintaining an online reputation has become mandatory in this tech-savvy time. We work dedicatedly to manage your reputation online. Our SEO professionals monitor, read, and respond to entice all kinds of reactions on the web.

Enterprise SEO: The wave of competition has reached to all aspects of life. Enterprise-level websites also need SEO services to make an online presence and grab more business. The highly-skilled research team at our SEO firm does complete website audits, analysis, keyword research to give you the desired results. Our metrics-focused and content-based approach sticks out from the crowd.

Local SEO: Neglecting the local areas is one of the biggest mistakes committed by businesses. No matter either local or global, in order to surpass the competition, you must be seen where your customers are. We analyze, plan, and execute the best practices.

Content Marketing: Google has made content the destiny-decider for a business. While crafting the content marketing process, precision is required. We create content that brings a difference. Our articulate, clear-minded, and adept content creators focus on the principles of SEO while penning down for you.

Off Page SEO: With over X number of years in link building, we have mastered the art. The quality collection of a huge number of websites to get backlinks to help us to help you. We aim to bring your website on the top page of the search engine and for that, we deliver highly effective and relevant customized link building strategies. Increased organic traffic shouts us about our work.

Google Recovery Services: Is regaining the lost Google rankings seem hard to you? Reach us, we will do it for you effortlessly. Our dexterous and expert SEO team upgrade it with the changing search algorithms of Google and other search engines arm them with the power to bring your site back on top SERPs. Hence, we win the battle.

Guest Posting: Our content is our strength. We curate exclusively well-written posts and get them published on high-quality websites. With the help of posting engaging, interesting content, we bring more audience, better reputation. As a result, you see growth in your business.

 How we Help your Business Grow

Do you want to increase your business profitability? You have assured your success by beginning well on reaching here. FansGain is one of the leading SEO Services companies in India transforming the fate of business for many years. We boast about our professional approach to SEO and abilitize. Our mission is to bring you on the web and make it recognizable by all.

We do website audits, increase page speed, build strong backlinks, optimize content to upgrade your online presence. Our set of methods, latest tools, the team of motivated professionals do everything you desire. Take advantage of our vast array of services provided under a single platform to acquire new customers. We cater to your interests and fulfill your business needs.

Why Choose FansGain for SEO?

No. of Years in SEO Industry: While being in the process of developing something big, experience plays a key role. FansGain has been creating more leads, sales, and traffic from – years.  

Best Talent in Industry:

 Impressive Results: Our consistent and growth-oriented SEO plans bring our client’s targeted keywords on the top rankings.

  Proven SEO Process

Ethical SEO

Value Added Services

Industry Expertise


What is SEO Marketing?

The process and the marketing strategy to improve the quantity and quality of the audience and traffic that reach a website is called search engine optimization or SEO. It is done by improving unpaid results and enhancing online presence and visibility.

What is the need for SEO Services?

Many benefits are associated with the right implementation of SEO strategies-

  • Make you more visible
  • Improved navigation and user experience
  • Give a boost to the business by increasing traffic
  • Help to outshine the competition
  • Forms creditability in users’ eyes

How we help your business grow with SEO Services?

FansGain is a result-oriented SEO service provider in India that focuses on giving hassle-free success by ethically building a brand. We provide all digital marketing solutions at one platform and very affordable prices. Our team of well-versed professionals provides effective SEO consulting services and works to generate more web-revenue for you.

How to do SEO for the website step by step?

While on the path of optimizing your site, you need to take care of multiple important elements.

a. Be creative and simple while choosing a domain name

b. Proper keyword research to carry out the process effectively

c. Time for Code Optimization

-Consolidate both www and non-www versions by using 301 redirects

-Create an XML sitemap

-Use canonical tags

-Avoid using dynamic URLs

d. Produce engaging and quality content

e. Set up Google Analytics and verify it

f. Install tools like Google Search Console, SEO plugin, Bing Webmaster and Robots.txt

g. Get authority and quality links to your website

h. Check usability, speed, and mobile-responsiveness of your website

What are your SEO Plans?

FansGain, a leading SEO Services Company, provides an extensive list of SEO plans and options to choose from.  From national to global SEO, from on page SEO to off-page SEO, we do it all. Our services also include guest posting on high DA websites, ORM, google recovery services, and content marketing.  

Can I modify my plan after Signup?

Why not. As far as you are with attaining SEO services from FansGain, you are your own boos and free to make the required changes in the plan. All you have to do is call us, shoot a message, or drop an email.