Search Advertising

Call it Google advertising, or paid search advertising, search advertising is a marketing technique to place online ads in the results of the search engine. A small amount is linked to this and is charged when a customer clicks on the ads. Yes, pay-per-click. Why you need a digital marketing agency to help you with search advertisements?

To reach a huge number of targeted audiences via this paid search ad methods, bids are to be made on keywords you want to target. For example, you are a relationship counselor, then you need to place a bid in the search results when people search for “relationship advice” in America. Here, the budget also plays a key role. You need to convey the cost-per-click you are willing to pay for every click. Expertise is required to get into this auction-like system. FansGain has it.

How We Make It Work For You?

We would do it right for you so that you can grab more opportunities to expand your business and drive more online sales. We are here to build and manage your search campaigns to increase your ROI.

1. Structured and logical account: Maintaining different types of ads by doing them in logical ways is important. We highly work in an arranged manner.

2. Target relevant keywords: Researching smart keywords can do half the work. Bidding on the right set of keywords to appear on top is highly effective.

3. Creativity At Its Best: By writing relevant and creative ad pieces, we help businesses to earn a good Quality Score and reduce their CPC. From including a perfect call to action and describing your value proposition, we do it all.

4. Cost-Effective Targeting Strategies: Your money is precious for us. So, to save it from spending blindly, we curate strategies like geo-targeting, dayparting. These help us to contain the costs per click by showing your ads to the right people.

5. Knowledge Is The Tool: Our team has a great understanding of the second-price auction mechanics using which Google decides the ad rank. Not only bidding but also attractive and valuable landing pages are equally important to get the desired sponsored spot. We work to uplift your business to meet all your needs. We follow the factors like ad formats, ad relevance, expected click-through rate, etc.

Our expertise and experience have been proving effective for our customers, hence improving everything for you.