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Want to increase conversions? Aren’t you able to reach your traffic goals? PPC marketing is for you. It allows you to reach your qualified targeted audience at the right time. You spend with every click you get.

PPC experts at FansGain, a PPC advertising company, curate highly customized and well-studied PPC marketing ideas to outshine the competition. Well-strategized and detail-oriented PPC Monitoring, creating ad text, reporting, selecting high performing keywords, managing bids set the foundation of a performing PPC campaign. You get all PPC services like management of bids, and tracking of calls/conversion.

What Makes Us the Best PPC Advertising Company in India

  • Provide client-friendly, reliable, indexable digital services
  • The success rate of converting visitors to promising clients is high
  • Growth in lead generation, ad creation, account setup, refinement, performance, statistical analysis, and more
  • Goal- and requirement-centric custom strategies for every client
  • Focus on creating greater interactivity, attractive visuals, striking information architecture, engaging content
  • Aim to create never-ending success stories

Our PPC Services Will

  • Take you from where you are to where you want to be: Our client-friendly digital services will help you to accomplish your branding and financial goals. We would place your business high on the growth curve.
  • Boost your website traffic: Building awareness among mass is one step towards getting improved traffic to your business. Our focus is to use a detailed and strategic approach to achieve the goals.
  • Create Perfect Customer Experience: Take you one step closer to your potential customers and one step ahead of your competitors. We take all your burdens and help you commit to your marketing calendar.
  • Provide you high ROI: We would use the results to improve them. Hence, increasing company revenue in accordance with the amount of investment.
  • Prove to be a sound investment: Implement cost-effective ways to find more clients with us.
  • Cater to all kinds of businesses: Are you a wedding planner? Or do you offer IT services? You can reach us without any doubt in mind. FansGain covers all domains.

FansGain PPC Services

Search Advertising: Our digital marketing experts at FansGain make search advertising more powerful by bidding the right keywords. We work on all popular platforms i.e. Bing ads, Google AdWords, and work on the auction-like system to increase your Quality Score.

Google Shopping Ads: We make generating sales for your e-commerce business easy. From running high-quality product listing to taking you to top of the search engine listings, we do it all.

Display Advertising: Graphic advertising is trending and bringing innovation and creativity in designs and writing is what we are known for.

FB Advertising: Want to make an effective online presence?Facebook is the most effective way and yes, we are here to help you with that.

Insta Ads: Advertising on Instagram is more common with every passing day among leading companies. Make sure you don’t lose ground. Try FansGain.

LinkedIn Ads: We help you to connect your business with the most relevant and influential professionals.

Remarketing Ads: Staying in your customer’s mind can bring some serious cash for your business and we know how to do it.

App Download Ads: We provide exceptional services to entice your existing customers and win the user acquisition game.

Amazon Ads: The future of online shopping is Amazon. Our proficient digital marketers will grab business for you in the most futuristic ways.

Why does your Business need PPC Services?

PPC is a digital marketing technique that can benefit any type of business. A broad spectrum of industries utilizes the benefits of these advertising strategies that take them near to their ready-to-buy customers.

  • Boost Sales And Website Traffic: Pay for it and get first-page exposure. The marketing strategy helps to know about your customers’ status where they are in the buying process. Hence, you only hit ready-to-buy customers.
  • Hitting Bull’s Eye: Do you want to grab market share? Want to get the business off the ground? This marketing strategy is worth implementing. PPC allows businesses to put targeted ads in front of the right set of audience.
  • Freedom To Work: While working on PPC campaigns, you can take control of the driver’s seat. No matter whether you want to spend $5 or $5M, you can make the most of every cent spent on PPC. It gives you exposure and experience of a detailed range of targeting options.
  • Ease of Tracking: PPC marketing allows us to effortlessly track the viewer’s activities and behavior of your campaign from start to finish. It allows you to decide what to choose and what to leave.
  • Remarket Your Ads: With every lost lead, you get a second chance to reach the customers who didn’t purchase anything and just visited your landing page or website. You get connections with missed opportunities by engaging potential customers with your brand.

What is included in PPC Services

Here, we would like to bust a myth about PPC. Running a PPC campaign would cost you less than other traditional marketing techniques.

Keyword Discovery And Selection: We aim to win half the battle by finding the most relevant keyword for your business.

Creating Ad Text: Our team of expert copywriters will curate the best content for your campaign.

Landing Page Optimization: Contains improving the website’s elements and A/B testing resulting in better conversions.

Bid Management: Not only creating leads, we know how to convert them into customers by effectively responding to their queries.

Conversion Call/ Sales-Tracking:– Missing

PPC Monitoring and Reporting:- We analyze all reporting metrics such as impressions, clicks, CTR, average positions, and conversions to gauge the performance of all PPC campaigns.

Campaign Management: We provide a one-stop solution to your PPC campaign. We PLAN, EXECUTE, TRACK, and ANALYSE your marketing initiative to meet your requirements.

How we are different from others in PPC Services

FansGain stands out of the rest by offering-

  • Easy CRM tool
  • Excellent customer support: You can contact us any time round the clock.
  • Dedicated project manager: We stand with you from beginning to end.
  • Performance tracking: Analysing how well the campaign is performing and strategizing accordingly will help you outshine the competition.

Pay Per Click (FAQs)

Discover How We Can Help Your Business Grow 

  • Tailor-made and application-driven business strategy
  • Result-oriented marketing strategy
  • Proficient and highly-experienced digital marketers
  • State-of-the-art tools and software
  • Our Understanding of the Power of Branding

with Google ads & Facebook ads ( Pay-Per-Click Advertising)

Grow your business with more sales qualified leads & Ultra targeted traffic

Why Hire FansGain as PPC Agency ( PPC Team)

We have team of Online Advertising Experts. Because of our PPC team members we are one of the top PPC services company in Delhi.

Testimonials of our Past PPC Clients in India & Abroad

Our PPC Expert Team Members

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