Online Reputation Management Services in India

Online Reputation management is one of the most critical part of digital marketing Services & online brand building.

Not only a digital presence, but a positive online presence has become the need of the hour. It is what others see about you when they search about you. Online Reputation Management is a process of representing you fairly on the web cost-effectively using certain techniques and strategies.

Improve your Online Reputation

  • Expand and monitor your presence
  • Respond to the complaints publicly
  • Adopt an online review strategy
  • Be consistent and deliver as promised

ORM Services / Online Reputation Management Services Includes

Brand Reputation Management Services

Looking for someone to repair your brand image? Experts at FansGain, ORM services company in India, work to reflect you correctly and show your values and goals to the visitors in a protected and promotional way. We monitor your search results and social media to get better insights into everything happening with you in the online world. Then we repair your image and negative reviews keeping in mind your aim. Hence, we get a well-maintained brand.

 Brand Building for Corporates

Our brand-specific strategy to defend your digital experience matters in the competition-driven era. We suppress conflicting content and diminish the sources that have been giving you a negative online presence. We will shield you against future attacks that will help you to clean up your online presence on social media and search engines. As a result, you would notice positive changes in the results of search engines, enhanced customer interaction, and better customer decisions. Our online reputation management techniques cover news and media outlets, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, G+. Moreover, for corporates, we also work on local business directories and consumer forums.

Fame Building for Celebrities

We know how sensitive the reputation of a celebrity is. One smallest rumor can ruin the hard-build image withing a fraction of a second. But online reputation management benefits can bring everything under control.

To nurture and emphasize a positive and enhanced reach by celebrities, FansGain brings them to the possible light in the most effective ways. We are the masters of boosting influential content, remove bad reviews, and provide you safety against prying online eyes. Moreover, defencing celebrities against competitor’s campaigns full of tactics and defamation fall under our online reputation management process.

Reputation Management Services for Hospitals

We help hospitals, and other medical practitioners in monitoring and removing biased and negative online hospital reviews. Thus, creating enhanced brand recall and loyalty on news outlets, social media pages. We also target other platforms where patients have given false remarks about how badly they were treated in the hospital. Our ORM services Delhi influence SERP suggestions and will bring you on with time.

 Reputation Management Services for Hotels/Restaurants

Maintaining a reputation is a crucial part of the business for all sectors. Restaurants and hotels are not out of the bracket. Negative reviews can defame a well-established brand and put their hard work to maintain their reputation on the back seat. At FansGain, an ORM service provider in India, you would get the best hotel reputation management services. Our experienced professionals help hotels and restaurants to have positive branding, remove unfair complaints, and bad reviews. It would gradually result in increased website traffic, enhanced SERP suggestions, and get positive reviews on social media highlighted the most.

Our ORM Techniques

a. Reputation Strategy

Marketing research to align the results so that the business objectives and goals can be reached.

b. Address Negative Reviews

Answering false and negative remarks on online platforms is also important. Along with that, FansGain, highlight more good reviews and work to boost them. We would help your users to have a brand recall by adding positive statements, links, etc.

c. Being In Touch with Customers

To construct a strong reputation for your brand, you should keep in touch with your customers and actively respond to their queries. FansGain will help you to do so effortlessly.

FansGain ORM Process

a. Researching Brand Reputation

Monitoring and analyzing the current position and scenario of the brand gives a better idea about the strategies to be followed.

b. Strategizing

What is to be done, how it would be done, and when to be done. All these questions are answered in the second stage of the ORM procedure.

c. Creating Content

New content for social media and other platforms to bring the true thing in front of the audience in the form of blogs, press releases, etc. We also address the negative assumptions and improve brand loyalty.

d. Increased Activity On Social Media

Creating new social media profiles on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook is the next step. We increase the involvement in various social networking and forums, etc.

e. Promoting Brand

Advertising, event marketing, direct marketing- these are some of the ways we use to promote your brand. We increase brand awareness, net visibility, and improve brand recall.

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