Facebook Marketing Starts with an Question : What is Facebook?

99% readers of this post know the answer and i bet you are one of them 🙂 . But question is that do we all understand Facebook completely?


There are 1000s of features inside Facebook.com and it’s mobile app.A big team is working hard to make it bigger than itself. ( Most popular social media network on planet and i am still not sure about Mars 😉

Monthly Active Facebook Users Worldwide as of 1st quorter 2017 in millions GIF

Facebook Marketing Guide:Content Overview:

What is Facebook and Who is Founder?
History of the Facebook
What is Facebook Page for Business?
Starting with Facebook Marketing for Businesses



Let’s Start from Start..

What is Facebook & Who is Founder?

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Facebook, a Social Media Platform, was developed by Mark Zuckerberg and his mates. Fb was launched in the dorm room of Harvard University. Since 2008, Facebook has become one of the world’s largest social media community connecting people and businesses.

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History of the Facebook

In the initial phase, when Facebook was launched in 2004, it was used as a tool to connect the college students with each other and by 2005, it was opened for everyone.

Since then, Facebook has created opportunities for many businesses to promote themselves, come into existence, letting customers know about them and generating traffic and letting the small businesses to build a brand.

The customers can like the Facebook page of the business and can interact with each other and the business owners to share their feelings and submitting reviews for the other customers and the owners of the businesses.

Facebook is armed with two type pages:

  1. Profile Pages for Person
  2. Business Pages for Businesses , Places, Movies & Celebrities

In this post we are taking about business benefits of Facebook Marketing. Let’s talk how we should use pages to get paying customers, traffic to business website & spread words about our business.

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What is Facebook Page for Business?

The facility of creating a business page was launched in November of 2012, which lets people/business owners to create an official business page on the Facebook.

Business pages contain all the information regarding the business. It contains information like the business name(as of course), business profile, offerings, contact number, place situated, business owner’s name and details.

The details to be filled in depending on the choice of the user creating the page. Owners can post images, post, videos for the customers to make them aware about the offerings and products of the business.

The customers/visitor can see the content posted by the owner of the page and can communicate/connect with the owner via a personal message or by simply commenting on the posts uploaded by the owners.

What is Facebook Marketing for Business?

With creating a Facebook page which is almost free, business owners are setting up a community with which they can communicate and promote their business.

The strategy must be simple to attract genuine customers by letting them know about their business and gaining their trust by showing the genuineness.

If you’re a business owner and want to set up a business page on Facebook then you must be genuine to the audience and give them something to trust on.If you’re not much fluent with that, then you should hire dedicated social media manager for your business to do the right job for you.

You should be truthful and take everything positively, whether it is a good review or a bad one. You should learn  from bad review and reply them courteously and assuring the customer to improve your service.

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Starting with Facebook Marketing for Businesses

One can create a Facebook community to connect with the customers. There are basically three ways in which one can incur the costs for using Facebook for business. These ways are:-

  • Hire a Facebook Brand Management Agency: If the owner chooses to have an outside firm manage there business’ Facebook presence, the social media marketing agency will charge them a fee for the service.
  • Facebook CPC Advertising : If the owner chooses to put advertising on Facebook, they pay on a cost-per-click basis where they only pay if someone clicks on their ad.You can manage ads from Facebook ad manager dashboard.
  • Facebook Post Boost Ads: If you want to promote your business updates or offers to more people without clicking over to the business page, you can leverage fb post boost feature.

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