Intro to Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are places on web where people connect with people and brands

SMM,or Social Media Marketing, is a fun & popular practice to boost brand credibility, better relationship with your prospects and customers & spreading insider updates of business that involves crafting and distribution of content on social media platforms- Most popular social media websites are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest  & more..


Facebook is largest social media website on internet.Facebook has crossed the 2 billion  platform users milestone. Facebook's population (7.5 billion ) is larger than any single county on planet.

At Facebook, you can use it's different apps to promote and sell your products & brand.


Instagram is top photo sharing application for android and i phone platforms. Instagram is right place for visual storytelling to spread awareness of your brand or yourself.

  • More than 1 Million advertisers use Instagram platform to promote their business using visuals and videos content.
  • 60% users claim to discover new products & services on Instagram
  • Instagram helps 75% of platform users in decision making


Twitter is Micro Blogging site.Twitter is used for business-to-business, business-to-customer conversation and spreading message using # hashtags in tweets.

Tweet is 140 character long content to share updates on twitter



Google+ (Google plus) is product of world's best search engine, Google.


Pinterest is social pin board or social book marketing website. It's business rich functionality made it highly popular among small business owners in USA and other countries.


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