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Social media marketing is process of boosting brand credibility, interaction, brand content distribution and awareness through social web.

Thumb rule of Marketing (online or offline) says "Showcase your products where your customers and prospects hangout" and Social media Networking sites are places where businesses can find their prospects and vice-versa .If your business do not have social media handles,you're missing a great exposure opportunity.

Digital social media network engagement is two-way connection between a brand and it's customers. Social media interaction can be more effective than old school methods of advertising.

Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms classified by purpose and function

Social Media Management

Social Media Management is practice to manage brand and business presence online effectively.

Social Media Advantages

Social media is not just for personal connections. Using right strategy and approach we can make business connections over social media ..

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Dedicated social media manager can help your business as marketing executive do for your company. Fansgain provide dedicated managers for all size of companies and campaigns.

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