Following example is right use case for Social Media Marketing for Restaurants as solution..

“Your dream project-XYZ Restaurant-is having top chef of city, offering mouth watering food and 10/10 customer service but still most of tables are unreserved during peak hours? “

Social media is effective and proven solution for restaurant promotions but there are rules of thumb, businesses need to follow. Restaurant social media marketing success depends on engagement to attract more fans to dining table of your restaurant.

Let’s begin our “follow to fork” tips with question to decode success of hospitality business over social media

Why Social Media Marketing for Restaurants?

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There are 100 reasons to adopt restaurant social media strategy but there is no reason to say no…  Few are are listed blow …

  • 88% people decide their dinner after reading reviews and comments on food portals, social networks and other internet resources- Social Media Trends 2016 report
  • If you are running out of fund or have less budget for marketing then social media marketing would be right choice as budget social media marketing strategy.
  • Picture speaks more than words …

    Social Media Marketing for Restaurants #Food on Instagram

    #Food Search Screenshot on Instagram

Social Media Marketing for Restaurants on Right Platform

One thing to keep in mind when you start a business is to promote your business and aware people about the services that you’re providing.

In 2017, best way( right way) by which you can do so is by using social media platforms.Restaurant business friendly social networks are …

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • YouTube
  • Google+
  • TripAdvisor 
  • Zomato (Reviews and business analytics tool for restaurants)
Zomato: Social Media for Foodies and business tool for Restaurants

Zomato: Social Media for Foodies and business tool for Restaurants

Each social media platform has its own uses and techniques about how you can promote your business (may it be a shop or high star hotel or a restaurant).

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So hang on, keep reading to get your 6 magic tips for social media marketing for restaurants …

6 Steps Guide to Social Media Marketing for Restaurants?

Food businesses are different from other location based businesses such as consultancy firm in city, local doctors clinics and schools. Food is essential part of life and visiting restaurants on weekends and other special occasions is trend in our society because of busy lifestyle.

Restaurants have very big audience or targeted customers around their physical location and right platform and approach of marketing can boost your restaurant’s sales and authority.

1: Identification of Target Audience for Restaurant

Start from your target-Customers . It is the very first step in advertising your restaurant. You should decide your target audience. By target audience, we mean about, you must decide that which community you are targeting.

For example, if you have continental food as the specialty of your restaurant, then you should target the people who like continental food most.

Comment facebook for social media marketing for restaurants

The second example is, if you have your restaurant near a university or college then your target audience will automatically set to the students of the particular university/colleges.

Using social media listening tools, social search features,search hashtags on Instagram & Google Alerts you can find your God (Customer)..

2: Identify Customer’s Taste Using Social Media Listening

It is the second best way how you can promote your business on social media is by knowing the interests and likes of your customers. It is said that you must think like your customers to promote your business.

For example, if you have the best food of your region and your chef is the best at that, then you can post the social media post related to the face of your chef(as an advertisement saying that he’s the best in your region!).

Find restaurants Leads using social media search feature

Find restaurants leads using #socialmedia search

3: Use Power of Facebook to Increase Footfall at your Restaurant

Nowadays, Facebook (often abbreviated as Fb) is one of the most popular Social Media platform. Choosing Facebook for restaurant or food business marketing is one of the best proven ways to get success in business.

There is no rocket science in using Facebook for business but social media manager skills can take your business another level.

If you have rolled up your slaves and decided to do it yourself then Start from creating business page on Facebook page

  • Create business page on Facebook:

The very first step to promote your restaurant is by creating a page (having the restaurant name) and you must ‘Add people’ to the group. You can add people by inviting them to join the group.

Creating fb page for Restaurant social media marketing gif

And one more thing, to engage more and more people on the page, you must set the page to be public and to be visible to everyone.

  • Upload the post:

After you have completed the first step, let’s talk abut the next step.

The second step is that you must post an ad that is relevant to your restaurant and this post must promote by uploading the offerings provided by you and the food offered. The post is te best way to communicate with the people and help them to know more about your offerings.

  • High-quality image:

One thing you must keep in mind is that the image quality used when you upload the post must be high, and it is said that the high-resolution images attract more users as compared to the low-resolution images.

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The image will attract people and will eventually lead to engagement of people.

  • Give offers and group deals:

One of the best ways to attract the crowd is by providing offers to the people on social media as it is said that, if you want the crowd to be attracted give them for free.

But on a strict note, being a businessman you can’t provide things for free.So here’s a plan for that, the best way to attract the crowd is by providing them best deals and group deals which help you to attract people in a group.

Just an example, you can provide an offer( buy meal of 4 people get one free). This will help you build your customers.

4: Respond to Comments & Reviews on Social Media Sites

Reviews play an important role in the decision making of the people. If the reviews are good, people are more attracted and there is a chance to build new customers.

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You must reply to the online reviews submitted by the people for your posts and you must sound courteous while replying to their reviews (no matter how the review is, bad or good).

enagement with cutomers on facebook by comments

5: Add User Generated Content to Social Media Content Plan

The next step you can do is by sharing the content that is generated by the customers as these shared posts can help people acknowledge your work through your customers and it helps you bringing the new customers.

customers clicking pics at restaurants

This technique, in other words, can be called as sharing the customer-generated content. It is a bit easy process and much helpful for your restaurant’s image.

6: Run Customized Campaign on Social Media

One of the ways is to campaign on Social Media and you can do so by organizing contests, quizzes and the winner should be offered the promo codes or offers as offered by your restaurant.

There is an exciting contest coming up tomorrow. #StayTuned #MirchiMania #ContestAlert

A post shared by InterContinental Marine Drive (@interconmd) on

It would help in the engagement of the people to your brand as well as revenue boost.

Bonus tips:

Every business is trying to harness power of social media even your competitors. Social media marketing for restaurants is not new practice to promote restaurants and there is alot of competition so you need to catch your customers before anyone else do.

If you do not have dedicated staff for social media management then it could be difficult to achieve your goal on social media. If you still want to use social media for marketing then we would suggest you to hire social media manager or social media marketing agency for your business.

Social media marketing for restaurants  guide explained all 6+1 tips to start your campaign. I hope you got enough food and energy to run social media management campaign to boost your sale and find hungry people to occupy restaurants or bar’s empty tables.

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